A get together at AMA - BMS Iftar Party: “Yet another Ramadan Iftar party held in Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa this Monday, June 13, 2016 where all the employees of AMA - BMS had come together to share the special moments organized by the Building Materials Sector. It’s a special time to relax outside your work and the work space.
BMS family was excited to spend time with their fellow colleagues, catch a glimpse and have a feel of the ambience, enjoy a much delicious spread and had some clicks together to make the event more memorable.
The evening came to an end with the hope to meet next year with another prosperous Ramadan.

14th June 2016

New ERP System : “Is it time to change to new ERP, or should we continue with our current system?” If we decide to keep the current system, we risk falling behind technologically and functionally, So we decided to change to new ERP to enable maximum efficiency and productivity. It helps to automate several departments like financing, manufacturing, sales, marketing, accounting, inventory management and human resources. The new ERP implementation team is on board doing research and to understand our current system and develop the modules.

4th Feb 2016

New Ice Truck – We at AMA Water and Ice are in constant expansion and  upgradation of facilities at our plant.  With the new purchase of our Ice Truck and improved fleet, we  improved out timely deliveries of Ice to our clients.  Our new ice storage facility too speaks of our commitment to increased sales.  This new ice storage system has been a success of our inhouse maintenance team who have efficiently carried out project from design to operation and control.

4th Nov 2015

Safety Meetings : Safety is always a main focus at AMA – Building Materials.  Our safety Team ensures compliance with international safety standards and safety of our employees.  To get updated, analyse risks and track safety requirements, the Executive Team is meeting with the safety Team regularly in briefings and separate safety meetings.  We are committed to the safety of our employees.

4th Nov 2015

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